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            High quality products Competitive price In time delivery Satisfactory service

              “Kaixuan has performed good quality and credit all through the whole management process with the motto "For first-class product with honesty and credit"dependent on excellent products to establish relation-ship with customers and sincere service to maintain relationship and keep it firm,from providing customer-orientated products and solving problems by R&D team,making out production process and completing mass production for customers by production management team to providing after-sale service and relevant technical consultation for customers by business trading service team.The enterprise is also steadily developed in such opera-tion and management and embodies self-worth by creating value for clients.


            Maximum meeting customers' demands is the only way to explore markets to the fullest potential
              Kaixuan motor has been keeping cooperative relationship with well-known large companies like ABB, SIEMENS, GE, EATON, MOELLER, LS, DAQOGROUP and LKE etc., accumulating rich international market operational experiences.


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