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            Seiko manufacturing excellence

              With American fadal company VMC-4020C vertical machining center, VDL-1000 vertical machining center, VC600 digital controlled lathe, CJK6140D digital controlled lathe etc., the company can meet machining requirements on parts of various trunk and axis types, and can ensure machining precision. 

            CKJ6140D數控車床群         VMC-4020C立式加工中心         VC600數控加工中心

            VDL-1000立式加工中心       YKJ3610高精度數控齒輪機          Y3112立式滾齒機

              A complete decelerate gear machining system consists of exterior machining group composed of YKJ3610 high precision digital control gear machine etc., Y3112 vertical gear rolling machine, Y3612 horizontal gear rolling machine, and the automatic NJ-124CNC digital controlled worm screw thread milling machine combination. The well-equipped machining group has ensured the perfect manufacture of shift gears system for electromotor and operational structures.

            Y3612臥式滾齒機        NJ-124CNC型數控蝸桿螺紋銑床         轉子自動饒線機

              Advanced specific machines such as rotator automatic coiling machine, insulated paper automatic insert machine, NC spot welding machine, automatic drop painting machine, digital dynamic balance calibrating machine, stator automatic coiling machine, automatic immersion machine etc will make manufacturing of core components on motors easy and flexible.

            自動滴漆機            絕緣紙自動插入機            自動沉浸機

            數控自動點焊機           數字化動平衡修正機          定子自動饒線機

            Highly productive advanced semi-automatic motor assembling line can effectively control assemble quality of the products


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